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Viagra Soft helps up to 5-6 hrs and really needs to be taken whenever prior to intercourse, as it's not anticipated to treat the condition.

Patients taking Female Viagra really hardly ever mention some mild side effects that are likely to vanish as you proceed with the procedure.

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In the majority of instances only a few light side impacts will be experienced - such as pyrosis ( heartburn ), nosebleeds, changes in shade vision, muscular tissue pains, flushing, hassle, sleeplessness, looseness of the bowels, tingling, burning, or feeling numb, or light sensitiveness.

Expect the following symptoms when making love as they might suggest you are experiencing harmful effects of this medicine: tingling, pain, prickling in the arms, neck, jaw or breast.

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Adverse effects are normally insignificant, brief and go away after a few times you take this medication.

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